User Guide


You can create one personal account on (by APM Agentuur). If you need, you can add your company’s account to your personal account later.

A registered user gets the APMboard – Own Advertising Board. APMboard is a completely anonymous space. On APMboard, there are ads from private individuals and companies. The user chooses advertising he/she is interested in by selecting personal criteria and interests.

APM Agentuur provides a website and tools ( needed for mutual Users’ and Advertisers’ benefits based on selling and buying ad views. The user receives 90% of the value of the ad view. To start receiving a service, the user has to agree with the User Agreement, according to which APM Agentuur acts as an User’s Agent, who concludes a Contract, regulating the terms of selling and buying advertisements, with third parties (Advertisers). Every User can become an Advertiser by agreeing with the Offer.

Advertising ID

Once registered, the user gets Personal Advertising ID. It gives an opportunity to perform actions, related to APM Agentuur, on the websites APM Agentuur owns. It is also needed for a high-quality service delivery to private users and companies.

Having registered as a “Private User”, you receive Personal Advertising ID.

Having registered as a “Company”, you receive Global Advertising ID.

Own advertising board

The APMboard is the main section of the site, where the user views advertisements – banners. Banners is the advertising information from other users. If the user wishes to view advertisements, he/she can do it, having uploaded available banners to his/her APMboard.

For each ad view, the user gets money to his/her account. Every time the user interacts with a clickable banner, he/she earns extra money.

APMboard consists of three main blocks: the User's console, the Banners platform and the Menu.

Users' Console

In this panel, there are main elements of APMboard administration: your income and funds available after viewing ads indicator, the banner upload button, information about the user.

  • Income indicator. In the center of this panel, there is a status of your account and a sum, which advertisers will pay you if you view their new banners. Once you move a mouse cursor towards the number, a Paysera button will open. When clicked, it will redirect you to the page, where you will be able to withdraw your funds to Paysera. The button is active when a sum of your balance is higher than 0,01€.

  • Upload button. The button uploading banners is in the center of the console. It makes the cycle of banners upload onto your APMboard. The button is inactive if there are no offered banners corresponding to your parameters.

  • Information about the user. The avatar of the profile and advertising indicator in this panel shows, which of the profiles – personal or business – is active at the moment. The user's name and region are visible only to the user, because APMboard is anonymous. Also, here you can find information about the user's status – the percentage of funds, which the user receives from advertisers. By default, all users receive 90% of funds. Inviting new users and participating our affiliate program, the user can get additional 10% and receive 100% of ads cost. In the lower section of the console, there are a number of users and a sum of withdrawn money in this region.

Menu and footer

In this section of the page, there are elements of APMboard administration, redirections to pages with legal information as well as information for advertisers, to a personal user's account, languages selection, a redirection to APMchat. In the lower section, there are links to APM Agentuur pages on social networks.

Banners platform

Advertising banners are placed on the banners platform. Banners are shown sequentially clockwise until the platform is full. One cycle consists of 10 basic banners and one premium banner. Any banner can be shown on the page in one cycle only once. For a view of each banner, the user gets 90% of its cost.

A banner can have additional interactive functions, such as a link, a business card or a video. These functions cost extra. For an activation of these functions, the user receives additional funds onto his/her account.

While banners on your APMboard are uploaded, you can notice that some of banners fields are empty. This means that at this moment there are no more ads corresponding to your interests. Alternatively, you have not provided your parameters and interests, which means that when advertisers select their target users by setting a filter, they do not see you. We recommend to provide as much information about yourself as possible but you do not have to do it.

Banners and pricing

Once the cycle of banners is uploaded, you received funds for viewing them and the button remains inactive for some time. During this time, you can take a look at interesting for you offers, moving your mouse cursos towards the banner to highlight it from the remaining ads.

Basic and Premium banners has a fixed cost, 90% of which you receive once they are uploaded onto your APMboard. If you are interested in an ad, you can activate the function of the banner (a flyer, a link or a video) provided there is an icon below informing you that the banner has such a function. Once the function is activated, you will receive additional funds for it. The functions of banners have different costs and you will receive 90% of them.

Functions of the premium banner:

Once you click it, the image provided by the advertiser opens. Here you can provide more details about your offer.

Once you click it, you are redirected to the website provided by the advertiser.

Once you click it, the video (no longer than 15 seconds) opens.

Functions of the standard banner:

Business card. —
Once you click it, the second field with the information provided by the advertiser opens.

Once you click it, the image provided by the advertiser opens. Here you can provide more details about your offer.

Once you click it, you are redirected to the website provided by the advertiser.

Once you click it, the video (no longer than 15 seconds) opens.

Personal cabinet

In the personal cabinet section there are functions of advertising campaigns and user's account administration, a block of advertising delivery, account and APMboard setting, an affiliate program and contests.

In personal cabinet, you can create your company's account if several users need an access to the page administration. There is a button in the right corner of the page for it.

Later you'll be able to switch between your personal and your company's account easily in your Personal account and your APMboard console.


My ads

Here all users' advertising campaigns are available. There are stats and full reports of each advertising campaign. You are informed about the process of your campaign by the indicator, which shows what percentage of users viewed your offer.

Campaign status. Once advertising campaign is finished, it is moderated and given a particular status, about which a specific comment informs. If a moderator has questions, you will be asked to edit your ad. If your advertisement does not correspond to our rules or violates them, it will be declined by the moderator irrevocably.

Campaign termination. The user can terminate his/her advertising campaign at any time by clicking the button Terminate. All the funds that have not been spent are returned to user's APM account. They can be withdrawn to Paysera account or used to pay for another advertising campaign.

Create an ad

In this section, the user can create an advertising campaign. There is also a button redirecting to an advertisement creation form in the right corner of the page. Any user can become an advertiser and address his/her ad to other users. The process is composed of simple, intuitively understandable steps, such as audience's parameters and interests selection, banner upload, interactive functions, payment.

Before creating your advertising campaign, create a banner to be uploaded (also a flyer or a video if needed). Otherwise, you will not be able to pay and create a campaign. To make the process more convenient to you, we offer to use ready-made banner formats in CANVA service at the very beginning of the process.

1 - Selection:

Every registered user or company has his/her/its APMboard. Because of that, regardless of the account type, you can advertise to any participants of the process, as well as to children. If you wish to offer your product or service to both (adults and children), you will need to create two separate advertising campaigns.

APM Agentuur offers advertising on Desktop and mobile versions of APMboard. These two channels are independent: if you have chosen mobile advertising, users of the Desktop version will not see it. Mobile advertising is accessible through APMchat application (at the moment, the function of mobile advertising is being developed).

2 - Audience:

Once you have selected the parameters of your audience, you will see the number of users that meet the criteria you have set in the top panel. Also, you will see the cost of your campaign (the cost of a standard banner without functions is shown).

Once you have selected a country where you are going to advertise, you can set a more precise sample, including or excluding dwellers of whichever towns or regions from your audiences. If you select a region (Select), it is included in the sample – you will understand it from a blue switch. Having switched it in the opposite direction, it will become red, which means that you have excluded this region from your selected audience.

While selecting, remember that if you do not specify any selection criteria, all users of the system will be included in your audience: both those who have selected a certain parameter and those who have not.

The selection points also have the selection criteria, which include or exclude a particular group of users in or from your audience. There two buttons: (+) and (-) near each selection point. To include or exclude this users’ group, you either click (+) or (-), which turns on the tick of the respective color. The data is shown above the button. If you click the cross near the selected position, you delete this parameter not opening this point.

If your advertising campaign has many precise configuration aspects, you can save this data, having clicked the button (Save the audience) at the bottom of the page. Next time you will not need to provide this data again.

3 - Parameters:

At the third stage, you will have to upload a created banner and select the functions you need. If your banner corresponds with the size and parameters, it will be shown in the field above the button.

The next thing you could do is to select one of the functions of the banner. The Business card function is already included in the cost of the Standard banner. You can provide this information, but you don't have to. Other functions cost extra, so the cost of the campaign will vary depending on your choice.

Selecting the parameters of views, you can specify the desired number of users and the number of displays to one user. By default, the maximum number of users and one display are shown. Changing these parameters, the cost of the ad in the panel will also change.

For example, if you are going to organize a sale and want your advertisements to be shown to the user at a particular time, you can provide the date and the period during which your advertising campaign will take place.

4 - Payment:

On Payment page you can agree with the conditions of the Offer, having ticked the box and chosen an account, from which funds will be transferred. You can use the funds on your APM account to pay for advertising. Paying with Paysera funds, the sum is bigger, as there is a commission fee. You can pay with Paysera using funds that are on your account, with cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, also – with available in your region internet-banking services.

In the upper panel of this page, there are main parameters: the number of users, the number of displays, multiplied by the cost of the banner and the interactive function you have chosen, the amount of money to pay. You can change the number of displays, the sum to be paid will change respectively.

To check and control the parameters you have chosen, before paying, you can open the Parameters panel, having clicked the icon in the panel in the right. Here you will see all the data you have selected.

If you want to change or specify some user's parameters you have selected while creating your campaign, you can go back to the previous steps, change what you need and proceed to the next steps again. To do it, you need to use the navigation panel at the bottom of the window.

Archive of ads

On Archive of ads page all banners viewed within three months of use of APMboard are stored. The user can always view the ad that is of his/her interest again.

APM Agentuur contests

Advertisers often attract users' attention to their product or service by organizing a contest. In this section, all contests, in which the user can participate, are stored. The user can take part in the contests that are of his/her interest, having fulfilled the conditions and clicked the button Participate.


Advertising campaigns

Here reports on your advertising campaigns are stored. If it is more convenient to you, you can download a report in PDF format.

Viewed ads

Here reports on viewed ads are stored. If it is more convenient to you, you can download a report in PDF format.

My account

Account review

In this section, you will find your APM account balance and the sum you have withdrawn in all time you have been using APMboard. You can withdraw your funds to your Paysera account. The minimal sum to be withdrawn is 0,01 €.

To link your Paysera account, you need to get registered on website and get verified in order to reach a level no lower than 2-Basic.

Once your Paysera account has been linked to your APM Agentuur account, a console to withdraw funds will appear on page Account overview. Indicate a sum you wish to withdraw and click Withdraw: the money will be withdrawn from your APM account. Within one working day after your invoice has been sent, you will receive the money to your Paysera account.


Here you can find information about receiving and withdrawing funds from your APM account.

Affiliate program

You can take part in APM Agentuur affiliate program and always get 100% of funds for viewing ads from advertisers. In this case, the APM Agentuur's commission fee will be 0% and we will work for you for free. What is more, the more users from your region are registered in your system, the more advertisers will be interested in advertising in your region.

Invite your friends via your referral link to get registered in APM Agentuur. You can send invitations via email services or just share your link on social networks, having clicked the button.

Later, you will find a number of the users you have invited as well as their status in the table. They have to get registered in Paysera system and link their account to APMboard in their Personal cabinet section, on My account page. You will be informed about the user's status by a green indicator.


About me

Here you can change the information about your marital status, education, your parameters and location, delete or temporarily block your profile. It is important to note that not only do ads on APMboard pay you, but also try to correspond with your specified parameters.

We highly recommend that you specify the region you live in. This will grant you access to products and services that are in close proximity to you.

My interests

Here you can change or add your interests. Note that not only do ads on APMboard pay you, but also try to correspond with your interests and values.

We highly recommend that you specify your real interests. This will grant you access to products and services that are potentially useful and necessary to you.


In this section, you can change your avatar picture and select a background of your APMboard.


Here you can subscribe to a newsletter, which will inform you about new ads, or change your notification settings. When there is a new ad for you, you are informed via the email you provided during the registration process that an advertiser wants to pay you.

Business card

Here you will find your business card – a tool of interaction with an advertiser in real life. You can exchange business card with an advertiser, whose products/services are of your interest, or, alternatively, use your business card for your own identification to get discounts or participate in contests.