About APM Agentuur

What are the objects of the project?

What is APMboard?

In which countries is APMboard available?


I haven't received a letter with a confirmation link. What should I do?

How to register a minor?

How is the registration process on the APM Agentuur website on a computer different from one on a smartphone?


I've registered on the website, but still haven't received any ads. The button is inactive as well.

Could the page always be opened so that the button would upload new ads automatically once there are any? Why does the session end after some time and I need to log in again?

Why do I receive ads so rarely? Sometimes there are no ads at all.

In which region should I register to receive more ads?

How do I add banners to view them on APMboard?

How can I get more ads on my APMboard?

Why have all banners on my APMboard moved upwards?

Do all users get ads at the same time?

If several friends, my family members or acquaintances will login into their accounts from one device (the IP address is the same), is it classified as a violation of rules?

Payment system and withdrawal

Which payment system is used to withdraw money?

Why do you use Paysera payment system's services? Can I use another system to withdraw my funds?

Which is a minimum amount to withdraw?

How does withdrawal from APM account to Paysera account happen? Can I withdraw the money I received to another payment system or my bank card?

Do I need to register in Paysera system before using my APMboard?

How do you calculate the money users receive for viewing ads?

Why are there thousandths of the sum?

For Advertisers

Is a number of people having APMboards real?

I believe that such a way of advertising is ineffective, as the majority of users will just click it to get money.

How can I be sure that 'crooks' won't create fake accounts, and my advertising funds will not be spent in vain?

What if you pretend that there are users interested in my ads, and all my advertising funds will be spent on fake views.

What if a user indicates a wrong region, say, large cities, hoping to get more ads and money?

The target audience of my product or service — wealthy people. I doubt that there are such in your system, as they would hardly spend their time viewing ads, even though they might be of their interest at times.

What do I pay for advertising in your system?

I don't understand how much I should pay for advertising in your system. How can I know?

Why is there some money left after the users viewed the ad I paid for?

I want to attract people's from different countries attention to my product or services, is it possible?


What is APMchat? How is it different from other messengers?

When should we expect the possibility to view ads in the app?

When will Windows Phone version be available?