Data Protection & Privacy Policy by APM Agentuur.

By providing the data to (hereinafter called the Site), owned by APM Agentuur PLC (hereinafter called the Administration), you agree to the Data Protection & Privacy Policy.

1. Data Protection

The Site's Administration can not transmit or disclose the information provided by the user (hereinafter called the User) he/she used for registration or while using the Service to any third parties, except as provided by the legislation of the country where the user operates.

2. Obtaining personal information

While registering on the Site, the User must enter personal information. In order to verify the data provided, the Site's Administration reserves the right to demand proof of the User's identity online or offline.

3. Use of Personal Information

The Administration uses the personal information of the User to maintain and improve the quality of services provided. Part of personal information is made available to advertisers. Part of the personal information can be provided to the bank or payment system, if the provision of this information is required to transfer funds by the payment system, the one the User is proposed to use.

The Administration makes every effort to protect the security of the User's personal data. Personal information may be disclosed in the cases provided for in the legislation or when the administration deems such action necessary to comply with legal procedure, a court order or legal process required for the User and Administration to cooperate. In other cases, under any circumstances, the information the User provides to the Administration will not be disclosed to third parties.

4. Control of Personal Information

In order to control personal information, mechanisms for personal data verification are implemented on the site. The User shall be responsible for any consequences of providing false data. If some data has been changed, the user is obliged to correct the data in the system on his/her own or contact customer service and support in order to make adjustments.

5. Security

The Site's Administration insures security of the User's account from unauthorized access. Name, personal number, phone number, email address, and the exact place of residence of the user are strictly confidential.

6. Notification of Changes

The Administration reserves the right to change Data Protection & Privacy Policy without prior notice. Amendments come into force on the date of their publication. Users can keep track of changes to the Data Protection & Privacy Policy on their own.