The symbol of APM is a main means to identify the company. The name of the project is “advertising pays me”, abbreviated – apm. The symbol is used both as an independent element and a part of the logotype of the company and its services.


The logos of APMboard and APMchat services are of different colors, which are used for visual communication and service delivery. The names of the services can be used separately without the sign as a caption. The sign is never depicted in other colors. In a negative, the logo can be white on a background of any color provided that it creates a sufficient contrast for easier perception.

Free space

Using the sign with other logos and graphical elements, it is important to include some free space, whose square must be twice as big as a square around the APM logotype.


The name of the project — Advertising pays me
The name is used in company's promotional and advertising materials. The name is written solely in English and is never translated into other languages.


Our slogan: APM Agentuur — advertising of the future.
The slogan is used in company's promotional and advertising materials. The words can be typed either in lower or upper case in any typeface. There are no strict regulations of the placement and design of the slogan. The slogan is translated into other languages.


The APM Agentuur brand include either the sign or the sign accompanied with the name and the slogan. It is forbidden to change or modify any elements of the brand as well as use them in a way that could be misleading.

In presentations, the oficial and unchanged APM Agentuur logo, accompanied with the name and the slogan, are used.

To get more information about the terms of use of the APM brand, please, contact our support team.

It is forbidden

To turn or change the sign
To animate the sign
To change the color of the sign
To change the text of the name/slogan
To apply an image on the sign or to hide any of its parts